This online resource has been produced by Coachwise to support the delivery of the current national curriculum for Primary PE.

The Story

The original Core Tasks were standardised tasks created by the government to help raise standards of PE, giving pupils an opportunity to use and show what they learned – in a real context.

In 2014 Coachwise created sets of A4 weather-proof Core activity cards, bringing the core tasks to life with step-by-step illustrations, and updated for the new National Curriculum.

Teachers told us how useful the cards were but said they still needed more to help demonstrate the activities to children in their classes. So over a period of 18-months, Coachwise sent its film crew into primary schools around the country to film children doing the core activities in their PE lessons.

Online Resource

This website gives you access to the cards to print as well as over 70 video clips you can download to show to your pupils. Unlike many resources on the web, this site will allow you to easily find an activity to suit your pupil’s development.

The PE Core Activities is much more than a resource of activities though. It’s a community, a place where you can come to…

…share your thoughts ideas with other practitioners about how to get the most out of the activities and suggest ways of improving.

About Core Activities

The core activities have been designed for pupils working between pre-curriculum/Early Key Stage 1 (age 4-5) and Key Stage 2 (age 10-11). Once a pupil has completed an activity, they should progress to the next core activity in the sequence.

Pupils can complete each activity by following 3 instructions on a card, with minimal adult/leader help.

A leader may choose to coordinate a number of varying ability groups to work on multiple core activities within a single lesson. Pupils may still need guidance selecting and setting up equipment, and they may benefit from having the core activity demonstrated using one of the supporting video clips.

‘Leader sheets’ accompany each Core Activity and feature possible objectives and ways to differentiate and extend. The suggestions on the leader sheet are by no means exhaustive or compulsory. The leader sheets are designed for use by a class teacher, a support staff member or a Key Stage 4/5 student to help pupils complete their core activities.

About Coachwise

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